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Best Interior Decorator in Columbus, Ohio

Looking for an interior decorator Canal Winchester, Reynoldsburg, Blacklick, Pickerington, New Albany, Lewis Center or Ohio? You are at the right place! As the best Columbus Ohio interior decorators, we are skilled in the art of providing nothing but the best to our customers!

Top Interior Decorating Service in Ohio

Being the top Ohio interior decorator, we imagine the hustle of selling a home and believe in sharing the stress with you. Staging with a Touch of Class helps their clients sell their properties at maximum possible value by highlighting the best features and creating a pleasant environment that shall attract and help the buyers imagine themselves there.

We offer reasonable and affordable homes décor in Columbus, OH. Our experts provide design and decoration to meet your selling goals for all residential and commercial properties. You can schedule a meeting for consultation and our interior decorator in Columbus, OH will turn your place into a fantastic piece of art. Do remember, we are just a call away!

Complete Staging Made Easier

You must have seen gorgeous homes in magazines or on Instagram. These are the homes that people admire, and that is how your home needs to look like before you pursue to sell it. The appearance, playing a crucial role, elevates the market value and increases the selling price. Thus, it means a better-staged home can get more prospective buyers and potentially sell it more quickly. Staging with a Touch of Class strives to make the staging process much more manageable. Helping with the staging for unoccupied homes, we also work with house flips and vacant homes, showcasing the home in its best light. We help with home decoration, furniture space planning, and maximize curb appeal to attract potential buyers. 


Seeking professional home staging services from the best Columbus interior decorator in Ohio is not a bad idea. Especially if you are planning on selling it with a massive profit in mind. Making your home ready and top-notch is all that is covered in the home staging services that we provide.

Best Ohio Home Décor

Staging with a Touch of Class is all about making the most of what you have and highlighting your property’s winning attributes. Looking for home redesign in Columbus, OH? We offer what even the best home decor stores in Columbus, Ohio can’t!

Not every buyer can go high on their expectation; hence we are here to offer cheap home decorating services in Columbus to help remake your property into the home that a buyer would wish to purchase.


Empty rooms are more likely to highlight the flaws and makes it look smaller. Buyers walking into this space would immediately think it’s pretty dark and might notice the under-window contraption walkout. It would be best if you do not face the same before selling a vacant home or a partially furnished one; you should definitely consider our staging services. The furniture shall add a warm and inviting image to buyers’ minds, and we can surely make them feel at home, resulting in increased probability for sale. Along with the consultation, we also provide furniture and accessories, staging, de-staging, and after-photo services. Furniture shall cost additional rental fees; however, it shall also increase the returns on investment.


It is often the minor change that can redefine a room. Your space may have pieces and characteristics that you love, and we can build from those while adding new concepts that change the overall feel of the space. Staging with a Touch of Class can transform your home’s entire look with an all-new design, some classy furniture, and our statement accessories, making your home reflect your style sense, the family touch, and life. Let us work together to create a soothing ambiance and glamourous view for your home so that your family and buyers cannot resist appreciating it.


Let Staging with a Touch of Class redesign and arrange your exterior and take care of those small outdoor details that can be pretty impressive and get potential buyers attracted. From managing light trimming of the bushes, shrubs, and small tree limbs, we can add fresh mulch and find places to add splashes of color that shall turn the outdoor more attractive and appealing. You choose, we design, and that is what Staging with a Touch of Class is an expert at.


Staging with a Touch of Class has endless design variety for your home or an organization, apartments or clubhouses, or even an office setting. We are all prepared to meet your expectations. Our aesthetic design sense and artwork have done wonders for our clients to meet their goals. From model homes and apartments to Air B&B properties and private homes, we have specialized experts to create it just the way you imagine it to be. Whether revitalizing an existing space or starting fresh in a new build, our variety of perspectives and design experience can help you achieve your desired results. We have timeless designs with touches of elegance and comfort for a curated interior and create functional space to transform it in any budget and personal style.

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